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Apex Enterprise Solutions takes pride in our commitment to excellence, and our project managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of installations, from initial planning to successful completion. We view our clients and partners as true collaborators, and our extraordinary responsiveness and dedication have solidified our reputation as reliable partners throughout the project lifecycle.


Our Managed Services model is designed to support our customers in achieving their strategic initiatives. Within our operations support division, we offer nine distinct service offerings, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:


  • Smart Hands: Our remotely manageable suite of on-site services is custom-tailored to optimize efficiency for our clients. It includes a range of support services, such as hardware installation, ad hoc cabling and patching, troubleshooting, audit and inventory management, power cycling, and even remote engineer-led software updates and configuration.

  • Installation: Whether planned or in response to emergencies, we specialize in deploying installations that align with the evolving data and connectivity requirements. Our services cover hardware installation (including switches and servers), PDU installation, cable containment, racking and cabinets, cable management (both horizontal and vertical), copper and fiber cabling installation and testing, cross-connect mapping and patching, and comprehensive post-installation testing and burn-in support.

  • Staff Augmentation: We excel in identifying and vetting talent in the Data Center space, filling key positions such as Field Operations, Engineering and Design, Management, and Logistics.

  • Burst Labor: Our approach to back-fill services ensures that we can provide top-quality labor resources on an ad hoc basis.

  • Decommissioning: Dismantling a data center or hardware can be as complex as building it. We offer comprehensive planning and management services, covering site walk-throughs, risk assessments and method statements, audit and inventory, device dependency management, controlled device shut-down, safe power and cooling shut-down, removal, secure data destruction, responsible recycling and sustainability practices, and hardware value recovery through refurbishing and resale.

  • Audit & Inventory: Our services encompass structured cabling permanent and channel audits, equipment audits, and logical audits to meet various requirements, including decommissioning, asset management spot checks, and capacity planning.

  • Logistics: Our logistics team members can be deployed on-site, working collaboratively with your Operations team to manage RMA/Spares, shipping/receiving, and RFID tracking and reporting.

  • Server Maintenance: Our dedicated Server Maintenance team possesses the unique ability to maintain the equipment we install, providing services such as hardware repair, part replacement, cabling, system troubleshooting, upgrades, memory and hard drive replacements, Layer One network troubleshooting, optic cleaning, and fiber testing.

  • Data Center Relocation: Our comprehensive data center relocation services cover decommissioning, packing, moving, loading, receiving, reinstalling, and re-cabling to ensure a smooth transition.

At Apex Enterprise Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering excellence at every turn. Our project managers and specialized teams work collaboratively to ensure that your projects are executed flawlessly, meeting and exceeding your expectations at every stage of the process.

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